Refresh your knowledge on Architecture, Design and OOP Patterns

  1. Explain about Architectural Pattern
  2. “Diff between Architectural Pattern
  3. vs Design PatternHow many design pattern you have used in your design and explain me one?”
  4. What is Micro services?
  5. “Tools / Technologies used
  6. to build Microservices”
  7. Diff Architectural pattern vs Style
  8. Integration patterns. Explain about few EAI patterns?
  9. “What are the ways application
  10. can be integrated(Integration styles)?
  11. What are the other way of integration apart from Webservices? Explain Application Integration”
  12. Client side agregation vs Server Side aggregation. What are the options available for client side aggregation.
  13. ” What are the web features
  14. you have used in expereince?”
  15. Patterns used in EJB
  16. Business Delegate vs Session Façade
  17. What is Microkernal Pattern?
  18. What is ESB? Why ESB? What is MOM?
  19. ESB vs Message Broker
  20. Prototype Pattern
  21. Desing pattern s used in app
  22. What are the architectural frameworks or tools you have used so far?
  23. Business Delegate vs Session Façade
  24. Architectural Pattern vs Design Patterns


Architectural Patterns
From Mud to Structure Pipe and Filter, Layer, BlackBoard Layer – Protocol, JVM, API,Windows NT
Distributed Broker, Pipe and Filter, MicroKernal
Interactieve MVC, Presentation Abstraction
Adaptable MicroKernal, Reflection

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