Refresh your knowledge on JEE

  1. JSF vs Struts
  2. Ibatis vs Hibernate
  3. “messahing basis –
  4. MDB vs Message Listener
  5. MDB step by step
  6. counter in servlet
  7. ejb concurrency
  8. jpa ORM mapping with example
  9. “EAR structure
  10. WAR
  11. JAR”
  12. http session resource is very low – scaling.
  13. Draw Deployment diagram for your last application.
  14. “Client doesn’t want to use Spring or JEE, what you
  15. will recommend him to use?”
  16. “On technologies selection…what practice you use to select various technologies?
  17. 2 Various question on reason for selecting specific tool or technology in my current project.”
  18. Have to use JMX in real production application?
  19. Why do we need to have init method in servlet?
  20. “Were you passing some special token in web service request….I said yes….do you remember that token value? ………as per my knowledge he was referring to encrypted

values of username and password…”



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