Test your Solution/Technical Architecture knowledge – Design online survey/exam website

Matching Technical knowledge with various business scenarios often helps us to multiply our knowledge. In this blog I have listed one of the  scenario which I came across on my experience. Read the scenario and apply your thought process to refine your knowledge.Kindly note that this is my draft version and still enhancing improve further, your suggestions and comments are most welcome.

Scenario:  How do you design for the following requirement?
The website required us to enhance with customer online exam, you need to design for this requirement. How do you store the data in db if the server gets crash?

Expected Thought Process:

1.how to avoid DB call for each and every user behavior?
2. Leverage suitable options for intermediate storage
3.Caching , NOSQL, Messaging etc(https://www.surveymonkey.com/blog/2012/11/09/a-tale-of-two-caches-an-installment-from-the-code-monkey-corner/)

Relevant knowledge area

a. Architecture and Design knowledge
b. Choosing relevant Technology choice


Following are the few ways to achieve it
1. Caching( Distributed Caching)
2. NOSQL – Cassandra
3. 1 & 2 with primary and backup storage
Oracle Coherence Dist Caching

Lessons Learned:

1. Improve knowledge on transient temporary storage options like caching, Cassandra.
2. Explore further options.





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