Test your web services knowledge

  1. Jax – RPC vs Jax-WS
  2. Explain about cannonical model
  3. How do you call multiple webservices?
  4. “SOAP vs REST
  5. Tell me one scenario where you will use REST not SOAP based web service?”
  6. How do you identify / register services? How do you invoke web service?
  7. “Essential Factors of web services/ What
  8. are the important need to be considered as web service?”
  9. How to build Asynchronous SOAP and REST Webservices
  10. REST Principles
  11. REST Webservice End to End flow
  12. How to authenticate REST?
  13. REST Basic authentication
  14. Steps to implement Oauth in REST
  15. REST representation json vs xml
  16. Is web services call sync or async? Have you implemented web services in Spring?
  17. “When you do estimation for distributed/SOA integration,
  18. what are the main factors you consider for estimation?”
  19. “On integration only another question is,
  20. what are the key design concerns you have to consider, when designing SOA service?”
  21. How many SOA design patterns you have used?
  22. What approaches you use when build a SOA client?
  23. “What is canonical data model?
  24. How many canonical data model you have worked so far?”
  25. How you secure a web service?
  26. How many things you document in in web service interface as part of technical design document?

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