Refresh your Java/JEE/SDLC/Program Management knowledge

  1. Differentiate Application Architect, Solution Architect and Enterprise Architect
  2. “What are the profile tool used?
  3. How does the profile works?”
  4. “Have you come across with
  5. any outofmemmory issues? How did you handle it?”
  6. Http over SOAP vs Http over JMS service
  7. How do you handle securtity in SOAP based and Rest Services?
  8. Explain about Estimation WBS vs Function Point
  9. What are the input used in FP?
  10. How does Agile Scrum methodology works?
  11. Benefits of Agile
  12. SDLC comparision (WaterFall vs Agile)
  13. Agile Scrum vs XP vs Test Driven Programming
  14. What are the diagrams used in Design?
  15. How do you convert functional decomposoition into Use cases and class diagram?
  16. Differntiate Portal vs Web application
  17. Tell me about one of the Tough Architecture / Design Scenario handled in your experience?
  18. What are the important aspects/diagrams need to be in Architecture Document?
  19. What is the need for Cache? Types of Caching.
  20. What are the important work for Architect?
  21. “How do you handle NFRs?
  22. What are the Design approach proposed?
  23. Conceptual Architecture diagram vs Physical Architecture diagram
  24. Where does web server runs?
  25. Why we need a firewall?
  26. What is DMZ?
  27. Microservices vs SOA
  28. Choose the best solution for the given requirement? “
  29. How can improve scalability?
  30. How do you design Scalable Application?
  31. How do you improve Performance?
  32. How do you design for creating portlet using web technologies?
  33. HTTPS
  34. What is SAML?
  35. SSO
  36. OAUTH
  37. How do you handle Cross Domain issues?
  38. XSS
  39. How encoding helps to fix XSS?
  40. SSL
  41. Java script synchrnous or not
  42. Modern SAAS Architecture for Healthcare product
  43. “Ajax vs WebSocket vs vs Node Js
  44. Limitations on Flash and Applet
  45. Advantages of HTML5″
  46. HTTP Request Format
  47. HTTP Response Format
  48. HTTP Status Code
  49. Session Handling approach
  50. “What is Token based authentication?
  51. How does it support scalability?”
  52. xml parsers
  53. Artifacts involved in Architect and Design
  54. how do you tune object cache?
  55. how do you handle codeing standards?
  56. Continous Integration and Dev Ops
  57. technology choice and feedback
  58. Portal vs CMS, AEM personalization vs Portal
  59. App container vs Latest JS Portal vs WebSphere portal
  60. java vs java script-
  61. functional and non functional implementation on any projects
  62. Modern web applications vs traditional”
  63. How do you design saas vs hosting app
  64. Design authentication flow
  65. How do you handle scalability apart from h\w
  66. “how would you ensure to keep responsive time?
  67. How Response Time SLA is defined?”
  68. payment system – how do you prepare project plan?
  69. how LB/ webserver works
  70. “agile vs waterfall – Refer previous



  1. how do you find and manage risks?
  2. what are the challenges faced during coordination of program management?- Inter depen
  3. How does coordination works on program management? how the project plan works? Ref
  4. how do you chose project methodology for the project? agaile vs waterfall
  5. What is the one change you proposed and how it helped organisation?
  6. Top 10 facts of Program Management
  7. How metrics data collected? How does it help for any project?
  8. What are the challenges faced during your work? how did you handle it?
  9. any tools used for projects risks?
  10. “3 web services – web application scenarion transaction
  11. Global Transaction message or resource adaptor – Transaction”
  12. “Other than having Firewall, Https in place what are the things you do in your application code, to make code secure and safe from vulnerability?
  13. Specifically question was how you protect yourself from Cross Site scripting, cross site request forgery and other threats?”
  14. various types on cloud computing models?
  15. What are the various monitoring tools you have used in production?
  16. five essential characteristics of CLOUD
  17. Microservices vs SOA
  18. Sonar – Fundamentals
  19. asynchronous vs concurrency
  20. Thread dumb vs heap dumb analysis