Refresh your Spring Framework knowledge

  1. Scopes of Spring Bean
  2. spring DI IOC
  3. Various options to write inject cross cutting concerns in an application using Spring?
  1. What are the various Spring libraries you have used in your applications so far?
  1. Do you know Spring global transaction?
  2. How many different way you have done transaction management in Spring?
  1. How to inject a bean at runtime in spring?
  2. How did you do validation in spring?
  3. Have you used spring security?
  4. Have you used spring transaction?
  5. If you have to choose between JEE v/s Spring, what you will choose?
  6. Why you are using Spring in your project?
  7. If you have to migrate from Spring to JEE what all are changes you expect and vice versa?
  8. What all the features of Spring you have used and what you know about latest release?